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Lacrimosa This band's sound is caustic and, at times, sounds completely off the rails and desperate. Absolutely ridiculous, pissed off, and unforgiving. Favorite track: White walls.
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released April 30, 2014

Produced by Jacob Hansen
Vocals by Santos Camara
Guitar/Vocals by Chandler Brown
Bass by Nick Versola
Drums by Jack Carballo
Artwork by Chandler Brown



all rights reserved


Groundfeeder Seattle, Washington

Santos Camara -Vocals

Chandler Brown -Guitar

Juan Diaz -

Jack Carballo -

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Track Name: Grieving
I was created by a sick creature and a lifeless mind.
Broken everyday by time.
I never knew what was wrong.
I was just trying to help.
I grew up learning how to hate myself.
I just wanted this to end but no one said it would be this way.
The anger
The violence
The screaming
It's never ending
Just take me away
I'm trying follow your lines
but I can't see straight.
I cannot run away.
I can't see what's becoming of me.
When everything's bleeding through.
I was created by a sick creature and a lifeless fucking mind.
Broken everyday by time.
Track Name: White walls
White walls
A dirty desk
A window without curtains
And clothes all over the floor.
There is nothing more.
But the pain it holds.
Is more than you'll ever fucking know.
The pain starts to show.
So cold.
The nightmares won't end.
Shaking and breaking
And me
Color starts to fade.
We can't escape this.
They made this.
We suffered.
You asked what was wrong
You're broken and I'm frozen.
Days go by
with no progress.
We wake nauseous.
Eating to just stay alive.
Our bodies
Our minds hurt
We are no longer ourselves
You asked what was wrong
You're broken and I'm frozen.
I feel like I'm sinking down.
Track Name: Tired. Sick. Empty.
You're only doing what it takes to benefit yourself. I will not hear another word you have to say to me. Your arrogance will not carry out another one of your excuses.
Tired. Sick. Empty.
Your name disgusts me.
Tired. Sick. Empty
You are disgusting
You could be so much better than this.
Tearing. Pulling. Breaking.
Everything you wanted to be.
Is fucking fading away.
Worthless and good for fucking nothing.
(I don't want to hear it anymore)
A try hard at best. Looking for a god damn fix. Lusting over nothing. Fighting for nothing. Says she
"wants to stand for something"
Start being something.
It's time for you to see life on the other side.
Why can't you care for anyone but yourself?