by Groundfeeder

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released September 13, 2015

Santos - Vocals
Chandler - Guitar
Nick - Bass
Jack - Drums
Recorded and produced by Jacob Hansen



all rights reserved


Groundfeeder Seattle, Washington

Santos Camara -Vocals

Chandler Brown -Guitar

Juan Diaz -

Jack Carballo -

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Track Name: Grieving
I was created by a sick creature and a lifeless mind.
Broken everyday by time.
I never knew what was wrong.
I was just trying to help.
I grew up learning how to hate myself.
I just wanted this to end but no one said it would be this way.
The anger.
The violence.
The screaming.
It's never ending.
Just take me away.
I'm trying follow your lines...
But I can't see straight.
I cannot run away.
I can't see what's become of me.
When everything's bleeding through.
I was created by a sick creature
and a lifeless fucking mind.
Broken everyday by time.
Yeah yeah.
Track Name: White Walls
White Walls,
A dirty desk,
A window without curtains,
And clothes all over the floor.
There is nothing more.
But the pain it holds.
Is more than you'll ever fucking know.
The pain starts to show.
Soo cold.
The nightmares won't end.
And me
Color starts to fade.
We can't escape this.
They made this.
We suffered.
You asked what was wrong.
You're broken and I'm frozen.
Days go by
with no progress.
We wake nauseous.
Eating to just stay alive.
Our bodies...
Our minds hurt...
We are no longer ourselves..
You asked what was wrong...
You're broken and I'm frozen...
I feel like I'm sinking down.
I feel like I'm sinking down.
I feel like I'm sinking down.
I feel like I'm sinking down.
Track Name: Tired. Sick. Empty.
You're only doing what it takes to benefit yourself. I will not hear another word you have to say to me. Your arrogance will not carry out another one of your excuses.
Tired. Sick. Empty.
Your name disgusts me.
Tired. Sick. Empty
You are disgusting
You could be so much better than this.
Tearing. Pulling. Breaking.
Everything you wanted to be.
Is fucking fading away.
Worthless and good for fucking nothing.
( I don't want to hear it anymore )
A try hard at best. Looking for a god damn fix. Lusting over nothing. Fighting for nothing. Says she "wants to stand for something"
Start being something...
It's time for you to see...
Life on the other side.
Why can't you care about anyone but yourself?
Track Name: Fetal Position
It's hard to pick up the pieces
When I'm laying on the fucking floor.
Struggling, I can barely lift up my hands and feet.
I tell myself to stay focused.
But there's only so much I can fucking do. When you've stepped all over.
I've. fought. for.
You fucking judge me while you doing nothing.
Just keep talking.
While I put my time into something more then people like you.
I wanna kill you the way you kill me, you are so ruthless, the way you live is a fucking disease.
The only thing I look forward to is fucking sleeping but I'm no longer dreaming. I have to stop letting these words and actions dismember what makes me happy.
This is why I keep screaming.
This is why I keep dreaming.
Life brings me down but I can still hear the sound of the ones around me.

I will never stop moving for the sake of the ones I love.
The ones I love.
Track Name: Thirty Days
It's been months since I've heard your voice in this weather.
All I can see is the thought of you linger.
It's always my fault that things fall apart I keep asking myself the same questions. What ever happened to this?
Precious cycles in circles
All these feelings come in cycles.
In cycles. In cycles.
Who would of known how much you've changed?
Who would have known you change the world in 30 days?
( It's been months since I've heard your voice in this weather )
I've got my eyes on you and I won't let you go...
Patience is my virtue and I am amorously waiting...
Standing by...
For the day you welcome me.
To feel this world crumble before you and I.
( Who would have known? )
I fear there's nothing left...
( Who would've known? )
To hold onto...
( Who would've known? )
I need this...
( Who would have known? )
I need you....
Where did you go???
The pain of separation.
Is something I cannot bare.
I am slowly tearing apart.
I feel worthless. ( I feel worthless )
I can't stand living in anguish
I can't step into darkness.
There is nothing more that I can take.
That I can take.
Track Name: Child Support
Talk all you want my friend
you don't know what it's like to be so God damn alone
in this place I'm suppose to call my home
I don't feel safe by myself and these thoughts they start to kill
I'm not homesick
I'm just afraid to be
Abandoned and Alone
Abandoned and Alone
My father left like the child support he never sent
Abandoned and Alone
Abandoned and Alone
I had to live on my own with a mother that played your part
And a sister chocked up on Heroine

You left me
For broken
She played your part

I know there's no turning back (Abandoned and Alone)
Where has my life gone
I know there's no turning back (Abandoned and Alone)
Where has my life gone
Track Name: Death
I can't live a life with silence.
You taught my hands how to build.
You taught me to make something for myself. To have a voice and to express who I am. To make a choice and to feel like someone in my own skin.
I would do anything to hear you sing again.
To show the world, the life you bring.
I can see the finer things in life again.
I would never take anything for granted.
You're the only thing that matters.
The day you left me I became wholesome to be no one.
You made me.
You made this.
I am forever
indebted to you.
Track Name: Pitbull Mentality
You've all become so full of yourselves.
Why the fuck can't we all just get together?
Estimate how long this will pull through.
Before the populace dies along with you.
You don't need eyes to hear what I have to say.
My image doesn't matter.
I'll strive to move further.
I won't be a fucking trend setter.
Because I don't need this to be better.
Because underneath it all we are nothing.
True colors.
They never fade.
But the others.
You'll never change me.
Keep looking frustrated.
You know I hate it.
Fuck you and your rules.
You can chew and stomp on me.
You can take everything away from me.
You'll never change me.
You'll never change me.
So temporary.
Pitbull Mentality.
Keep pointing the finger.
While I live my life free.
Track Name: Killer (Inconsiderate)
Were you conjured in the sewers
And raised by the vermin?
Cause nobody had time for you
And your venomous sermon.
So you turn it into something more,
Something real,
You want what others have...
The ability to feel.
Disregard what you know.
How does it feel to know you'll never find a home?
And useless to the fucking bone.
You want to take a life?
Why don't you take your own?
You are not human...
You take the lives of the innocent.
Spreading hell across tranquil grounds.
While your conscious runs and hides.
( Runs and hides )

I condemn.
You worthless sack of shit.
My words have.
No meaning cause you can't feel It.
Cause they mean nothing to you.
You're a killer.
Life stealer.
Blood spiller.
Pull the trigger...
There is always someone that cares.
Don't take a chance just cause you...
Leave them out of it.
Put em down put em up covered in blood you're nothing without your fucking gun.
I optimize your doom but I don't fuck with loons I'll leave it to the exit wound.
Track Name: The Lion's Mouth
You act so humble but I can see through all your lies. This curtain falls and light flashes upon your startled eyes. The world can see you now. The world can hear you now. You'll be consumed by the lions mouth.
This is everything you wanted.
The center of attention.
The center of it all.
You make me fucking sick.
And I won't be a victim of your fucking lies.
You are not above me.
So stay the fuck away.
You are nothing more, but a wave that hits the shore and I will wait for you to crumble, crumble at your feet.
It's safe to say you fucked things up again.
You're prying open the lion's mouth, you've slipped your fingers inside.
You're playing with fire that wants to burn you alive.
You scream and cry about how life isn't fair,
Well life's what you make it, thats why no one is ever fucking there.

I knew you were a failure from the start.
You are not above me.
You are not above me.
Track Name: ARK
I sit and question the thought of my existence. Watching the world slowly pass me by. No love, can't change. I have no one and all I bring is pain.
I don't know who I am...
or who I'll come to be.
( We tried escaping. There's no escaping this. )
No control.
Floating above the surface.
Amongst us all.
And I have no identity.
I stand alone.
The only thing I know is your name.
"The ultimate form of life"
( I'm growing colder )
No concentration,
The loss of the only one I've ever loved...
Taken away from me.
And everything I'm doing right now.
Is to hear,
Is to see,
Is to be,
here with me.
So I can live another day.
I've been made for nothing.
And I'll keep breaking.
And I'll keep taking.
Just to find you.
Just for you.
This is who I am.
Fuck you.
And all the lives I take.
And the destruction I reek.
I did it all in your name.
Just to see you again.
Track Name: Untitled
Under the sheets in a four cornered room is so empty.
Visualizing a world I cannot see,
( It's so Empty )
I can't see.
I remain firm but can’t be held down.
I break through and it feels fucking soo good.
In my mind I’m spinning in circles, livin' like a human but I'm dying like an animal.
I have everything in the world.
But you are leaving again.
I will find you.
I am Invincible.
I will never reach my breaking point.
But this rope is so tight...
Can it be this way forever?
Without you I can think clearly.
I hope you can hear me...
Look at the mess you've made.
This creature without a leash calling you’re name...
I will find you.
I'm not invincible.
I wipe the blood from my scales.
Ive lost my mind.
I can feel the change growing stronger.
It’s me.
I am fire.
I am death.